VisionTo become well-known engineering consultant company with Integrity, Quality and Capability.Mission- To install our core value, which are integrity, synergy and dedications to our entire emplo...

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Ismu NugrohoWith more than 32 years of experience, mostly in the field of hydro and diesel generation in PLN, Ismu Nugroho can be called as an expert in his field. In PT Arkora Indonesia, he is par...

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We based our decision making process by firstly considering our integrity. Integrity is the foundation of everything we do. We honest to others and more importantly to ourselves. We responsible for everything that we have work for. We are accountable to our statement.


We work together as a unit. Diversity will only make the teamwork better not worse. Not only we work among ourselves, but we also work together with the local community around our project area. We develop one another to be a better individual and better team player throughout our projects. We believe every success we made is made by our team and never by individuals.


We dedicate ourselves to our countries, our companies and our environment. If we succeed as a company we believe we make a contribution to the growth of our country. We dedicate ourselves with the right integrity and perfect synergy for the purpose that is greater than ourselves.


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